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Emergency lighting systems are crucial to any commercial setup. They provide minimum illumination for easy evacuation in the event of a fire or other such unfortunate events. Here at Divo Interiors, we install, maintain and service emergency lighting systems that are fail-safe and reliable. All our lighting solutions comply with the latest British standards and regulations. As well as the emergency lighting installations, we also offer general lighting installations. We offer bespoke lighting installations that help you create an ambiance that perfectly matches your work culture and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your workspace.

General Emergency Lighting

General and Emergency Lighting Services From Industry Experts

Since emergency lighting is directly linked to the safety of your workforce, we make sure that only qualified and expert engineers are employed for emergency lighting installations at your premises. As mentioned already, our engineers comply with all relevant British Standards. All of this, so that you can feel confident about your and your employees’ safety. Moreover, our lighting experts are one of the most well-equipped professionals in general lighting installations London market. Their tactful skills can transform the environment of your workplace that creates and maintains a stimulating vibe. Also, when you partner with us, we guarantee a seamless and hassle-free experience as a dedicated project manager takes care of all your concerns and queries.

What Makes Our Lighting Services Stand Out?

The emergency lighting installer London scenario comprises some of the most experienced and reliable players and we are indeed among the top. With more than two and half decades of experience in the industry, you are sure to get a quality and fail-safe job done. Moreover, when it comes to a task concerning client safety, we make sure there are no loose ends whatsoever. So, if you want quality electrical installations or refurbishment done at affordable rates, contact us now. Partner with us and we assure you that you won’t regret your decision.   

It’s the job of our emergency lighting installer in London to make sure that the proposal is designed with you in mind, and that it meets all legal criteria. Using our on-site testing and design expertise, we can minimise operating and maintenance costs, as well as maximise your space and user experience, while adhering to all applicable safety regulations.

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