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Dental Fitouts

Whether you’re launching a new practice, renovating an existing clinic, or planning an expansion, we’re here to transform your vision into reality. With our expertise, we ensure your space not only radiates a welcoming ambience but also supports efficient workflows, leverages modern technology, and adheres to all industry regulations.

Experience Excellence with Divo Interiors' Dental Fitout Services

For a quarter of a century, Divo Interiors has been shaping the face of dentistry in the UK, creating dental spaces that aren’t just about precision and practicality, but also about comfort and aesthetic appeal. Our attention goes beyond mere infrastructure; we intricately assess your practice’s dynamics – considering workflow, team requirements, patient outlook, and your overarching goals.

Our deep understanding of dental regulations, patient psychology, and the aesthetics of healthcare environments sets us apart in this industry. We work closely with you every step of the way, from inception to completion, delivering a dental fitouts service that’s as exceptional as the spaces we create. Partner with us and experience the Divo difference.

Mastering the Art of Dental Fitouts in Three Steps

At Divo Interiors, we’ve streamlined our dental clinic fitout process into three distinct, manageable stages to efficiently transform your dental clinic vision into reality.

Step 01:


Our dental fitout journey begins with collaboration scheduling an in-depth consultation to understand your unique needs. This covers your preferences for surgery rooms, staff/admin spaces, sterilisation and lab areas, patient waiting rooms, children’s zones, and the accommodation of specialised equipment.

We appreciate the intricacies that set dental clinic design apart from conventional commercial spaces. Therefore, we carefully consider factors such as electricity, water, waste disposal, chemical hazards, data points, drainage, and more.

This comprehensive consultation phase enables us to create a bespoke blueprint that respects these unique specifications and aligns with your vision.


  • Initial Meeting & Briefing
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Space Utilisation Planning
  • Special Equipment Accommodation
  • Step 02:


    Once we’ve conceptualised the design, we seek your validation and make refinements as needed. This stage is all about harmonising function with aesthetics to create a space that reflects your brand and ethos.

    Obtaining necessary approvals from relevant bodies, such as shopping centre management, local councils, and any other concerned authorities, is a key part of this phase.

    We aim to navigate this process with finesse, alleviating stress and allowing you to focus on your practice.


  • Preliminary Design Presentation
  • Client Feedback Integration
  • Design Refinement
  • Approval Procurement.
  • Step 03:


    The final step is bringing your approved design to life. Our experienced team undertakes the transformation of your space, with precise attention to every detail.

    We manage the build-out meticulously, from infrastructural modifications to strategic equipment placement. Throughout this process, we remain vigilant about potential challenges, constantly engaging in proactive risk planning and management.

    This ensures your project remains on track, on budget, and is completed as per schedule.


  • Site Preparation
  • Construction and Fit-Out
  • Risk Management
  • Equipment Installation
  • Final Quality Check
  • Full-Range Dental Fitout Services by Divo Interiors

    Our team of dental fitouts specialists, designers, architects, and project managers possess a thorough understanding of the dental industry’s standards and regulations that ensures an uninterrupted path from the project’s inception to its realisation, with our focus on achieving an elevated experience for you and your patients.
    • Planning & Estimation:

      We champion clear-cut clarity in our cost structure, presenting early estimates to guide informed choices. Our pricing remains constant, and we steadfastly stick to the timeline to eliminate unforeseen hiccups, ensuring smooth progression with minimal interruptions.

    • Tendering & Contractor Coordination:

      Our goal is to ensure a transparent and fair tender process accessible to our clients at any point. We present multiple quotes from each work category within our preferred network of accredited contractors, assuring the best market price without compromising quality.

    • Equipment & Furnishing Acquisition:

      Recognising the pivotal role of robust, reliable equipment and comfortable furniture in your long-term dental practice success, we engage with trusted providers to assure not just premium-quality items but also reliable post-installation service and maintenance.

    • Construction & Fitout Execution:

      Our unique strength lies in our in-house project management team that oversees all work directly. This approach eliminates the middleman, bringing quality control into our purview, reducing costs, and making the process more efficient.

    • Base Building Operations:

      Through the synchronised approach of handling base building processes and fit-out assignments, we realise notable savings in both time and money. Collaborating with the property owner, we make sure these procedures align seamlessly, thus enhancing budget efficiency and schedule adherence.

    • Post-Construction Services:

      We recognise that related services may be required after the fit-out. Hence, Divo Interiors offers a guaranteed two-week defect rectification period and continued support for any future modifications, irrespective of their size.

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    Shape your dental practice for the future with Divo's expert dental fitout services. Embark on the transformation journey now!


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    Tailoring Dental Clinic Fitout Services to Your Practice’s Life Cycle

    Planting the Seeds: New Practice Set-up

    The inception of a new dental practice is a thrilling time, abundant with prospects. Nevertheless, early-stage decisions can considerably influence your clinic's daily flow. Even minute choices, like the placement of installed equipment, can make a vast difference! Our counsel? Align with a specialist dental fitouts partner like Divo Interiors. Our proficiency in dental design and construction in the UK bestows you with invaluable insights, setting your new dental practice for not just aesthetic charm, but optimal functionality too.

    Breathing New Life: Refurbishments

    The thought of refurbishing your dental practice can be intimidating. But with Divo Interiors, it doesn't have to be. We provide an all-inclusive spectrum of services, extending from consultation, design, and fit-out, to equipment supply. What distinguishes us is our steadfast commitment to minimising downtime. We understand the importance of maintaining a seamless clinic operation, hence, we work out-of-hours on-site, ensuring you can focus on delivering quality dental care with minimal disruption.

    Cultivating Growth: Expansion

    If your practice is encountering a surge in demand, optimising your existing space can be a strategic and economical response, especially considering the soaring property prices and potential site shortages in the UK.

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    frequently asked questions

    Divo Interiors offers a comprehensive range of services for dental clinic design, including space planning, furniture and equipment selection, design concepts and 3D visuals, regulatory compliance guidance, project management, and quality control.

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    Why should I choose Divo Interiors for my dental fitout?

    Divo Interiors brings 25 years of experience and a proven track record of delivering dental fitouts in the UK. We offer a comprehensive approach, focusing on your specific needs and vision, while ensuring the resulting practice is both aesthetically pleasing and operationally efficient.

    What types of dental fitouts do Divo Interiors specialise in?

    Divo Interiors specialises in a range of dental fitouts, from setting up new practices to refurbishing existing ones. We also provide services for practice expansion, ensuring optimal use of available space

    How involved will I be during the dental fitout process with Divo Interiors?

    With Divo Interiors, your involvement is crucial. We believe in collaboration, keeping you engaged at every step of the process, from the initial consultation and design phase through to the final dental fitout.

    What post-construction services does Divo Interiors provide?

    We understand that services may be required post-fitout. Divo Interiors provides a two-week defect rectification period and continued support for any future developments, regardless of their scale.

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