Dental Clinic Design

Premium Dental Clinic Design for Positive Dental Practice Experience

Have you ever wondered about the implications of a poor dental surgery design and an outdated environment on your practice? Your patients and customers alike crave comfort and privacy. Your staff need a highly efficient, organised and comfortable workspace to maximise their productivity.

At Divoi, we understand the frustration of the day-to-day running of dental care, from managing workflow to the effort that goes into relieving your customers of tooth pain and giving them a better smile. 

You don’t have to go through this stress and still lose customers or generate poor reviews due to low-quality dental practice design and layout. Improve your customer experience with Divoi dental fitouts. Book a free consultation now.

How We Bring your Dream to Life with Our Dental Fitouts

Let your brand reflect in your dental clinic interior design. Our team is here to redesign your dental clinic and give it a fresh look with our professional dental fitout services. Let’s bring your dream to life with our premium fitouts for dental professionals in London.

What You Will Get with Our Dental Practice Design

Ready to transform your dental clinic for the best? Here are our promises to you:

Customised Dental Clinic Design that Maximises your Available Space

Whether you have enough space or your plot is limited, our team will design customised dental fitouts that maximise your available space and optimise your clinic’s efficiency.

Ergonomic & Highly efficient Workspace 

Your team’s productivity depends on how productive and happy your staff are. Our dental surgery design will help you create a highly efficient workspace that optimises your team’s productivity and motivates them to create an exciting patient experience.

Accessible & Visually Aesthetics Design

Most dental practice design overfocus on visual appeal that they neglect ease of use for people living with disabilities. At Divoi, we strive to achieve a balance between accessibility and aesthetics, from disability-friendly parking spaces to walkways that support wheelchairs.

Trendy & Innovative Dental Surgery Design Concepts

A modern dental practice design helps you win your patients and customers’ trust, knowing they’re with dental professionals that value class and style. Our designs are trendy, delivery is flawless, and execution is seamless – all to help build your customers’ trust.

Durable and Cost-efficient Materials

You deserve quality, durable, and affordable materials that give you the peace of mind of knowing you get the best value for money. All our materials are sourced locally and meet the United Kingdom’s standards for dental surgery design. 

See some of our recently completed projects and what our delighted customers have to say.

What they say...

Perfect Smile Clapham
I found the service excellent. You guys got the job done in a very short time frame and at a very good price. When I compare the work done to the other fit out work going on in the same building currently your guys were much faster, and the finish is substantially better. Brilliant service provided by UV and his team. We have refurbished multiple practices with Divo and they have always been completed to a high standard. I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of refurbishing or setting up a new practice.
Palvesh Patel
Prefect Smile Dental Surgeries

How We Deliver our Dental Clinic Interior Design in 5 Simple Steps

These are 5 steps through which we deliver quality dental fitouts designs that boost your productivity and delight your customers.

After contacting us, our team will set up an initial consultation where we will learn more about you and your business, goals, and objectives. We’ll also enquire about your current practices; patient flows, pain points, and other critical factors necessary to provide custom dental practice design with modern, functional, and efficient space.

After we gather the necessary information, our team will create a unique dental clinic design plan tailored to your specific requirements and maximizes your dental clinic efficiency. We’ll present the concept to you and get feedback and review. Depending on your feedback, we will revise and refine the design to meet your exact specifications and requirements.

Next, we’ll create a comprehensive design and specification document and send it to you for vetting. The document will provide a detailed overview of the fit-out design and details such as dental clinic furniture design, finishing, lighting, and spacing. You’ll also get a cost estimate at this stage and have a few days to accept our proposal.

We’ll begin the project management and construction phase by agreeing on the budget, project scope, and completion date – from sourcing materials to managing contractors. With us, you can rest assured that the project will be completed on time while we provide regular updates about your dental clinic design project’s progress.

After completing the project, our team will conduct a full review to ensure that our dental fitouts meet your expectations. You’ll also get the space handed over to you while providing all relevant documentation and warranties. Let’s help you create a dental clinic environment that accelerates your professional success.

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