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Dental Clinic Design

Experience the seamless blend of style, functionality, and patient comfort with Divo Interiors, a trailblazer in the dental fit-out industry in London. We take pride in our bespoke designs, crafting dental clinic spaces that strike the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and operational efficiency. Dive into a world where practitioner satisfaction meets patient delight.

A New Era of Dental Clinic Design with Divo Interiors

Divo Interiors believes in more than just physical spaces; we believe in curating environments that resonate. Opening a new clinic or refurbishing the existing one, our goal is to create a space that your patients will remember.

Our dedicated team, consisting of innovative designers and forward-thinking architects partners with the top dental suppliers in London to get the best equipment and furniture. Committed to excellence, we prioritise using only the finest medical furniture and devising dental clinic layouts that optimise workflow. Choose Divo Interiors, and let’s shape a dental environment that speaks volumes about the unparalleled care patients will receive.

The Divo Difference: Our Approach to Transforming Your Dental Practice

At Divo Interiors, we master the art of blending aesthetics, functionality, and practicality to manifest your dental clinic vision into reality.

Step 01:


During the consultation phase, we don’t just listen – we immerse ourselves in your practice, aligning our design prowess with your vision.

We ensure to spotlight the areas that need an uplift, considering the operational flow, patient comfort, staff convenience, and crucial industry regulation compliance.

This stage also serves as an open forum for all your queries. We factor in the flow of operations, patient comfort, staff convenience, and compliance with industry regulations. It’s also a stage for us to answer any questions you might have, and to provide clarity about the ensuing stages of the process.


  • Initial Meeting & Briefing
  • Needs & Requirements Analysis
  • Budget Estimation
  • Timeframe Planning
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Site Survey & Assessment
  • Step 02:


    Here’s where we begin to breathe life into your vision. Our design maestros create preliminary sketches and renderings, and meticulously planned space layouts.

    All these elements interweave to encapsulate your vision, prioritising optimal functionality and ensuring a soothing environment for your patients.
    This phase is all about synergy and fine-tuning. We work in close collaboration with you, honing the ideas and embracing your invaluable feedback.

    Perfecting our process through iterative steps guarantees that the conceptualised design mirrors your precise vision and impeccably fulfils the functional needs of a state-of-the-art dental clinic.


  • Preliminary Sketches
  • 3D Renderings
  • Space Plans
  • Material Selection
  • Design Refinement
  • Client Collaboration
  • Step 03:


    The crafting stage is where your vision takes a tangible form. We employ our meticulous eye for detail to produce in-depth blueprints and stunning 3D visuals, capturing the essence of your soon-to-be dental clinic.

    We focus on every little detail, including interior décor, furniture choices, thoughtful lighting schemes, and strategic equipment placement.
    This phase requires intensive planning and technical acumen as we need to adhere to regulatory compliance, safety standards, and accessibility requirements. Yet, it’s a challenge we relish!

    Our accomplished designers and skilled engineers leave no stone unturned to ensure a pleasant patient journey from the moment they step into the waiting room to the minute they leave the treatment area.


  • Detailed Blueprints
  • 3D Visuals
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety Protocols
  • Equipment Placement
  • Interior Décor & Furnishings.
  • Crafting Tailor-Made Solutions for Every Dental Practice

    Whether you’re an aspiring dentist eager to launch your first clinic, an established practitioner looking for a makeover, or a dental enterprise planning multiple locations, Divo Interiors is here to shape your vision.

    At Divo Interiors we have a rich portfolio of work spanning a variety of dental practices:

    • General Dental Practices:

      Our designs seamlessly cater to a plethora of dental procedures, ensuring flawless operations and a positive patient experience.

    • Specialist Dental Clinics:

      We understand the distinctive requirements of specialist practices—be it orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, or oral surgery. We curate spaces that reflect and facilitate the specialised services you offer.

    • Cosmetic Dental Surgeries:

      For practices focused on aesthetic procedures, we design spaces that are sleek and tranquil, mirroring the beauty-driven essence of your services.

    • Paediatric Dentistry:

      We craft inviting, child-friendly spaces, turning a visit to the dentist into an enjoyable experience for our youngest patients and providing reassurance to their parents.

    • Dental Groups and Chains:

      We understand the importance of brand consistency across multiple locations and can deliver standardised designs to align with your brand identity.

      Start your transformation today with Divo Interiors. Together, let’s create a dental clinic that not only aligns with your vision but goes above and beyond, exceeding all expectations.

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    Begin your journey towards an efficient and beautiful dental practice with Divo Interiors today.


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    Reimagining Dental Spaces:
    Our Expertise

    With Divo Interiors, experience the seamless blend of exceptional service and modern dental clinic design, and watch your dental practice transform into a space that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

    Compliance as a Standard: Navigating CQC Requirements

    Our distinctive expertise in dental surgery design and fit-outs is enriched by our fruitful collaborations with dental equipment suppliers, seasoned practitioners, and health authorities. With an exhaustive understanding of CQC requirements and HTM regulations, we manifest dental surgery refurbishments that stand testament to our dedication towards quality and regulatory compliance.

    Function Meets Aesthetics: Medical-Grade Furniture and Cabinets

    We understand the daily demands of an active dental practice. To that end, we furnish your clinic with robust, medical-grade cabinets and furniture that promise durability without compromising on style. Our knack for smart space utilisation ensures every inch of your clinic is optimised, resulting in a workspace that effortlessly merges with your daily operations.

    From Concept to Completion: Holistic Project Management

    At Divo Interiors, our expertise isn't limited to designing spaces. We shoulder the responsibilities of Planning & Building Control Approvals, relieving you from potential stress. Our inclusive Project Management services oversee the entire transformation of your clinic, guaranteeing every detail aligns perfectly with your vision. When you choose us, you choose a dedicated partner committed to crafting the perfect space for your dental practice.

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    frequently asked questions

    Divo Interiors offers a comprehensive range of services for dental clinic design, including space planning, furniture and equipment selection, design concepts and 3D visuals, regulatory compliance guidance, project management, and quality control.

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    What design magic can Divo Interiors perform for my dental clinic?

    Divo Interiors is an expert at creating spaces that combine form and function seamlessly. We provide an all-encompassing suite of services for modern dental clinic design which include detailed space planning, the perfect blend of furniture and equipment, innovative design concepts complemented with 3D visuals, guiding you through regulatory compliance, and meticulous project management for flawless execution.

    What about the regulatory requirements for dental clinic design?

    We understand that every detail counts. That’s why we have our finger on the pulse of local health regulations. We ensure your dental clinic design adheres to cleanliness, infection control, radiation safety standards and beyond, so you can focus on what you do best – caring for your patients.

    How does Divo Interiors enhance the patient experience with design?

    We believe in the power of design to evoke emotions. Our design strategies revolve around creating a positive and soothing atmosphere to alleviate patient anxiety. From thoughtful dental clinic layouts to strategic selection of colours, textures, and lighting, we aim to make your clinic a space where patients feel comfortable and well-cared for.

    What if I already have a dental clinic layout? Can Divo Interiors work with it?

    Absolutely, yes! Divo Interiors thrives on challenges. Our design maestros can work magic with any space, enhancing its efficiency and aesthetic appeal while strictly adhering to regulatory standards. With Divo Interiors, your existing dental clinic layouts is the canvas on which we paint a masterpiece of design!

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