decontamination room design

Decontamination Room Design

At the core of a successful dental practice, the Decontamination Room plays a crucial role. Acting as a key defender of safety and cleanliness, it ensures smooth operations. In designing these vital spaces, Divo Interiors masterfully combines functionality, adherence to standards, and modern innovation.

Experience Decontamination Design - Where Ingenuity Meets Sanitation

No dental practice can operate at its peak without a flawlessly designed Decontamination Room. It’s the engine that drives consistent, high-quality, and safe treatment for every patient who walks through your doors. We meticulously align our designs with HTM01-05 and CQC requirements, without ever compromising on practicality, functionality, or the intelligent use of space.

We stand by your side at every step of the journey – from initial consultation to final design and implementation. We aspire to exceed ‘best practice’ standards and create a decontamination room that becomes the heart of your dental practice. Whether you’re birthing a new decontamination room or reinventing an existing one, we strive to transform it into a space that breathes efficiency and exudes safety. We promise an environment that makes your patients feel cared for and your team feel empowered.

Decontamination Room: Crafting a Symphony of Safety and Efficiency

Our rigorous process ensures your sterilisation spaces not only meet all regulatory benchmarks but also enhance patient flow and uplift your practice’s overall efficiency.

STEP 01:


Our journey begins with stepping into your shoes, embracing your practice’s unique sterilisation workflow, and laying the foundation for a game-changing decontamination room design. We seamlessly align your project with all crucial health and safety guidelines, including HTM 01-05 and CQC requirements.

Simultaneously, we help you navigate the financial maze, putting a robust budget plan in place to help steer your project clear of unnecessary expenditures. We further draw a realistic and achievable schedule map, ensuring a seamless execution that doesn’t encroach on your practice’s regular rhythm.

But the magic truly begins when we focus on workflow optimisation. We delve into the heart of your practice, understanding the intricate dance between the ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ areas. We study patient flow and staff convenience and transform them into a choreography of efficiency and productivity.


  • In-depth Sterilisation Workflow Analysis
  • Strict Regulatory Compliance
  • Comprehensive Budget Planning
  • Realistic Schedule Mapping
  • Unparalleled Workflow Optimisation
  • STEP 02:


    Following our deep dive consultation, your project blossoms into the concept stage, where our insights translate into a tangible vision. We bring your practice to life with a meticulously crafted 3D model, strategically placing the decontamination room in the overall layout for maximum efficiency and safety.

    Our focus sharpens on devising a robust strategy to clamp down on potential sources of contamination, ensuring your environment exudes hygiene and safety at every corner. Staff areas aren’t left behind, as we create detailed blueprints for efficiency, making all necessary instruments and equipment readily accessible for your team.

    This stage remains open for feedback from all stakeholders, enabling us to continually refine and reshape the design until it resonates with your practice’s unique needs and aspirations.


  • Immersive 3D Spatial Modelling
  • Rigorous Contamination-Control Strategy
  • Efficient Staff Area Blueprinting
  • Dynamic Integration of Stakeholder Feedback
  • STEP 03:


    As we step into the design phase, our focus turns towards harmonising aesthetics, functionality, and regulatory compliance. We infuse the sterilisation area with all necessary health and safety protocols, ensuring it not just performs efficiently but also adheres to all guidelines and regulations.

    We sprinkle the space with decor suggestions that strike the perfect balance between hygiene and aesthetics, transforming it into a workspace that inspires confidence and trust. Furthermore, we lay out a comprehensive plan for the procurement and placement of sterilisation equipment, ensuring every piece of machinery finds its perfect place for efficiency and convenience.

    Our detailed planning acts as a catalyst for a smooth transition from the realm of concepts to reality, preparing the stage for the final act of project execution.


  • Comprehensive Health & Safety Protocol Integration
  • Aesthetic & Hygienic Decor Suggestions
  • Sterilisation Equipment Procurement & Placement Planning
  • Seamless Transition Strategy.
  • Decontamination Room Services We Provide

    From initial planning to final touch-ups, we ensure each aspect of your sterilisation area is up to par with industry standards and optimised for operational efficiency.
    • Design and Planning:

      Our design process is tailored to your practice, considering factors such as patient flow, staff efficiency, and regulatory compliance for efficient decontamination rooms.

    • Expert Building Work:

      Our expert builders specialise in dental practice constructions, turning your design blueprint into a precise, functional sterilisation room.

    • Optimised Plumbing:

      We ensure efficient water flow and proper drainage for your sterilisation equipment, minimising chances of contamination.

    • Safe, Reliable Electrics:

      From providing reliable power supply to decontamination equipment to adhering to safety regulations, our electrical services have you covered.

    • Precision Task Lighting:

      Effective task lighting ensures precise equipment operation and accurate sterilisation checks. Our team instals illumination that enhances your workspace without causing discomfort.

    • Superior Ventilation Solutions:

      Our ventilation solutions manage air quality in your decontamination room, promoting a clean environment and reducing risks of airborne contamination.

    • Bespoke Medical Grade Cabinetry:

      Our custom-built, medical-grade cabinets offer practical storage solutions, built to maintain a clean, sterile environment.

    • Industry-Approved Decontamination Equipment:

      We take care of everything, from sourcing top-tier, industry-approved sterilisation equipment to its strategic installation. We set up your sterilisation workflow for maximum efficiency and safety.

    • Hygienic, Durable Medical-Grade Flooring:

      Our easy-to-clean, durable medical-grade flooring with covered and capped finish minimises bacterial accumulation, promoting the highest standards of hygiene.

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    The Divo Edge: Decontamination Room Experts

    Immerse in a Personalised Design Journey

    At Divo Interiors, we celebrate the unique spirit of every dental practice. Our tailored design and refurbishment service encapsulates your vision, translating it into a breathtaking reality. Embrace a refurbishment experience that truly reflects the essence of your practice.

    Master the Art of Regulatory Compliance

    Negotiating the labyrinth of HTM 01-05 and CQC requirements can be overwhelming. With our deep understanding of these regulations, we ensure your decontamination room doesn't merely meet, but surpasses these guidelines. Experience the peace of mind of operating in a space that sets the benchmark for safety and efficiency.

    Experience Smooth Project Management

    Steer clear of project headaches with our all-encompassing project management services. Our dedicated project managers maintain open lines of communication, vigilantly oversee the progress of your project, and ensure its timely completion within your budget. Experience a refurbishment journey that's as smooth as it is satisfying.

    Custom-Built Cabinetry: Where Functionality Meets Aesthetics

    Divo Interiors excels in creating bespoke, medical-grade cabinetry designed for your unique needs. Discover custom-made cabinets that offer practical storage solutions while maintaining a sterile environment. Enjoy a space where style marries functionality, enhancing the efficiency of your practice.

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    frequently asked questions

    Divo Interiors offers a comprehensive range of services for dental clinic design, including space planning, furniture and equipment selection, design concepts and 3D visuals, regulatory compliance guidance, project management, and quality control.

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    Why is the design of my decontamination room crucial?

    The design of your decontamination room directly impacts workflow efficiency, safety measures, and adherence to health and safety regulations. A meticulously designed space ensures a fluid workflow from unclean to sterile zones, minimises the potential for cross-contamination, and abides by the stringent guidelines of HTM 01-05.

    How is a decontamination room ideally structured?

    The ideal decontamination room promotes a seamless, unidirectional flow from dirty to sterile zones. The layout separates the cleaning, disinfection, inspection, and sterilisation areas to circumvent cross-contamination, alongside incorporating a designated area for handwashing.

    How can Divo Interiors enhance and optimise my decontamination room design?

    At Divo Interiors, we furnish expert guidance throughout your design journey. Our services envelop 3D modelling of your practice space, strategic planning of room layout, emphasis on patient comfort, rigorous checks for regulatory compliance, and an unwavering commitment to integrating your valuable feedback.

    What kind of construction solutions does Divo Interiors offer for decontamination room refurbishment?

    Divo Interiors supervises all building works, extending from setting up tailored plumbing and electrical installations to configuring efficient ventilation systems and installing medical-grade flooring and cabinetry. Our construction experts are seasoned in handling dental practice projects, ensuring the building work caters to the specific requisites of a decontamination room.

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