The Top 8 Tips for an Optimal Office Design


The way your office is designed has a much greater impact on your business than you know. Most businesses, nowadays, understand that there is more to office design than just brightly coloured walls, some furniture and decorations. Your workspace essentially stimulates productivity, inspires connections, affects your employees’ well-being and thus, has an impact on your business’ growth. So, if you are planning relocation or refurbishment of your office, some nifty design tips can really come in handy.

To help you draw out maximum benefits from your workspace design, here we have put together our top 8 tips for an optimal office design.

Understanding the Importance of Office Design and its Impact on Your Business

Before we go on to the list of tips to create an optimal office design plan, let us first understand how important it is to your business. In terms of statistical data, people in the UK work for an average of 1730 hours per year or 36.04 hours per week. It is evident from this data that since people spend a substantial amount of time a day in the office, the workspace environment is bound to have an impact on their well-being and productivity. Now, it is needless to say how a motivated, happy and productive workforce can positively impact the growth of your business.

Now that we have understood the importance of office design for your business let’s dive into the tips that can help you create an excellent office design.

Plan a Dynamic and Balanced Layout

When it comes to workspace layouts, open plan offices are the hottest trend. It has its own benefits and flaws. Open plan workspaces provide you with maximum flexibility and accessibility. They improve communication and collaboration among the employees. This may result in improved company culture as well. Moreover, they are comparatively cost-effective. However, open offices can often be noisy and distracting. They lack privacy and thus can result in anxiety and stress for some employees.

Thus, it becomes important to analyse which layout suits you the best. Depending upon the nature of your work and workforce, you can choose from either a traditional layout with separate rooms and cubicles or an open plan office. You can plan a hybrid workspace bringing together the best of both worlds. You can consult a reputable office fit out contractors London such as Divo Interiors, who can help you in choosing the most suitable layout for your business.

Have Your Workspace Reflect Your Brand

Your workspace must embody your brand. People identify you by your brand logo and the colour palettes associated with it. Your brand values and the type of work you do also contribute to your brand image. So incorporating such colours into your design and creating an overall design language that reflects your brand and the work you do, is important. It creates a lasting impression in the minds of your visitors, clients and customers. It also develops a sense to trust and familiarity in them.

Make an Excellent First Impression with a Striking Reception Design

Your reception is the first point of physical interaction that your visitors and clients will have with your business. So making a good first impression counts. It’s important to design your reception area meticulously. It should ideally include the company’s branding, optimal lighting, comfortable furniture and visually and mentally appealing decorations. This is important because regardless of the time your visitors spend at the reception area, they must be welcomed and comfortable. This could rightly affect their mood and state of mind.

For creating a striking reception design, you can rely on our team of experienced design professionals. They are one of the best in the office interior fit out and commercial refurbishment London market.

Incorporate a Vitalising Lighting System

An appropriately lit workspace environment can greatly affect the productivity and mood of the employees. Design your workspace in such a way that you can make the most of the natural daylight. This positively affects your employees’ mental well-being. So, try and ensure that partitions and bulky pieces of furniture don’t block the windows. Arranging desks or workstations closer to the windows wherever possible can also help.

When it comes to artificial or general lighting systems, make sure to use quality LED lighting systems. They should be of the right colour to create a suitable and stimulating ambience. You can also opt for dimmable lighting systems that will allow flexibility depending upon the nature of work.

You can choose lighting solutions by Divo Interiors. We carry out optimal general and emergency lighting installations London and nearby areas.

Include Indoor Plants in Your Office Design

Installing plants within the workspace is often left out while creating an office design. They are just put at random corners as an afterthought, if at all. But indoor plants can be an impactful element when it comes to creating a positive and stimulating workspace environment. They are instrumental in enhancing the mood and productivity of your employees as people instinctively connect with nature. Moreover, they also improve the quality of air within the workspace creating a healthier environment.

You can choose from innumerable options such as living walls, floating baskets, vases and pots etc.

Quality and Comfortable Office Furniture

Most professionals spend more than 70% of their total working hours seated at a fixed place. Sitting for long hours at a stretch can cause strain and can lead to musculoskeletal problems. So it becomes crucial for the well-being of your employees that the office furniture is comfortable and it offers proper physical support. A quality chair with correct posture can have a substantial effect. The desk at the workstations should also be designed accordingly at a suitable height. Thus, ergonomic furniture is an important element of office design.

We at Divo Interiors can help you set up just the right furniture for your workspace. We can help source premium quality office furniture at competitive rates.

Recreational and Break Out Areas as Social Spaces

Taking small breaks here and there to relax and socialise is crucial to maintaining optimal productivity. So dedicated break out areas or recreational areas are of considerable importance. These recreational spaces let your staff refresh and rejuvenate and resume work with new energy and better focus. They give them a much-needed break from their screens.

These areas also work as social spaces where the employees can socialise with each other and develop healthy professional and personal relations. This plays an important role in developing an inclusive and positive work culture.

Collaborative Spaces for Meetings and Conferences

Meetings and conferences are an essential routine of your business. Thus, creating dedicated conference rooms or meeting areas must not be left out while creating an office design. Typical meeting rooms include whiteboards and projector screens for presentations. Equipping these rooms with appropriate and comfortable furniture adds to their functionality. All in all these rooms are quite vital for professional collaborations and business discussions.

Thus, following these tips the next time you are about to relocate or refurbish your workspace will help you create a flawless and optimal office design. A workspace designed keeping in mind all these points will not only be aesthetically appealing but also adequate in terms of functionality.

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