The Difference Between Cat A Fit Out and Cat B Fit Out

Understanding the world and work of the office fit out and refurbishment industry can be quite confusing. It is even more puzzling for those who are not familiar with the industry. So, for all such individuals, we’ll go into understanding office fit outs in brief and then discuss the difference between the two main categories of fit outs – Cat A and Cat B

What Do We Mean by a Fit Out?

In simple terms, a fit out is turning an empty and non-usable space into a functional one as per the requirements of the people who are going to use it. There are various stages when it comes to developing a premise. The stages include the shell and core stage, Category A Fit Out and Category B Fit Out. Out of these, Cat A and Cat B are the most relevant when it comes to office fit outs and refurbishment.

Understanding the shell and core stage

This is the stage of development before the actual fit out starts. This phase is carried out by developers which mainly includes the concrete and metal framing. This space offers no functionality as it does not even include lighting, air conditioning, fire systems, etc.

The shell and core mostly include:

  • Concrete and metal frame
  • Lift Shafts
  • Lobbies
  • Beams

The Category A fit out

This is the stage that follows the shell and core phase. Here, the non-usable shell is developed into a functional one. This phase is generally carried out by the developers or the landlords, getting the space ready for prospective tenants. At this stage, the building is equipped with basic standards and regulations like lighting, air conditioning, fire systems etc.

This stage is convenient for both the landlords and the tenants. It becomes easy for landlords to attract tenants who want to create a workspace of their own. And on the other hand, it gives tenants the complete liberty to design and build their workspace as per their own vision and requirements. It essentially serves as a blank canvas wherein you can paint the workspace of your imagination.

Though the space will be relatively empty, it will include the basic mechanical and electrical services:

Cat A fit outs will in include:     

  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Lifts
  • Stairs and stairwells
  • A basic fire detection system
  • Toilets
  • Grid and suspended ceilings
  • Raised access flooring

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There is also another subcategory, called the Cat A+. This serves as the midpoint between Cat A and Cat B fit outs. In this category, the landlord offers the prospective tenants a ready-to-move-in setup with basic amenities and furniture setups. This may include workstations and desks, storage spaces, kitchens, etc. This setup is more generic that can work for most tenants, irrespective of their industry.

The Category B Fit Out

The Cat B fit out, unlike Cat A fit out, is more detailed and custom-designed by the tenant who is going to be the end-user of the space. It adds to the Cat A fit outs by implementing bespoke furniture and design elements that are specific to the tenant’s needs. Here the interior fit out companies focus more on design choices and decorative elements of the workplace. They work to create an ambience and functionality that matches with organisational values and culture of the tenant.

Cat B fit outs essentially include everything from office partitions to art pieces. Along with creating fully functional spaces, these fit outs breathe life into the occupant’s workspace. At this stage, the workspace is all ready to move into right away.

Cat B fit outs include things like:

  • Walls and partitions
  • Finished floors
  • Office furniture
  • Specialised lighting facilities
  • Cafeteria and kitchens
  • Decorative elements And much more!

Cat B fit out is the stage wherein the intervention of a professional fit out company is most required. The office interior fit out London scene has plenty of reputable companies. We at Divo interiors can carry out premium quality office fit outs of bespoke designs at budget prices.

So, this is how the entire commercial fit out process is broadly divided into Cat A and Cat B fit outs. Both of them are crucial and complementary to each other. Together they define the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your workspace. So it becomes important to consult office fit out contractors who can understand your requirements and translate them into a finished and functional workspace. One which reflects the identity of your business.

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