Office Renovation – With Change Comes Growth

With Change Comes Growth – Office Renovation

How Renovating Your Office Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals in 2019.

“To win the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.”

– Doug Conant, Campbell Soup

Your office reflects your enterprise. Whether it be small changes or a major office redesign, renovations can have a huge impact on the  workplace culture and with the right contractor can help achieve your business goals.

In an economic climate where change is rapidly accelerating, considering a space for your staff to feel in control and comfortable plays a significant role in supporting businesses growth, developing brand awareness and outperforming your competitors.

“Success in business is all about people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage.” 

– Richard Branson

Big changes start with small steps – Refurbishing your office in 2019

Functionality, affordability and flexibility are just some of the factors to be considered for a successful office design. With the correct professional advice of best fit out companies in London these elements can be achieved whilst fostering a much more focused, productive and most importantly a happier working culture. 

Creativity is organic and requires nourishment. Introducing flexible spaces in your office creates freedom for innovation. Visually vibrant features such as artwork, paint choice and even office furniture can help rediscover that creative spark.

An open plan layout or maybe considering replacing walls with bespoke features such as office partitions can not only save you money on your electricity costs but also influence communication, encourage collaboration and introduce flexibility. Floor to ceiling partitions can incorporate privacy allowing for a less distracting zone and considers those who work better away from the office noise.

It’s important to understand your wants and needs from the space you are looking to transform. Science studies have shown the significant effects office lighting has on individuals within the working environment. Not only does it affect how we see, it also impacts our mood and behaviour. Efficiency and overall productivity can both be altered given the choice of lighting, so with that being said it’s important to explore all options when choosing the best lighting for your office renovation.

You’re health and well-being can improve with a flick of a switch.

Although artificial light is useful in many areas of our workspace, engulfed by the harsh tones eight hours a day does not encourage a comfortable or welcoming environment which undoubtedly will have an impact on the level of customer service delivered. There are endless amounts of lighting options available that can help achieve a happier workplace. Try incorporating warmer tones for a more relaxing environment. Natural sunlight has proven many health benefits with a study showing a reduction in migraines in workers and an increase in productivity, energy and overall focus when optimal amount of daylight is exposed within the working environment.

Your office renovation will play a large role in strengthening your business as a brand. It should reflect the core values of the organisation you run and therefore support the foundation. It’s surprising how small changes can have a huge impact on your business and with the right contractor allow you to take comfort in knowing not only is your budget considered but your business goals and future too. 

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

James Cash Penney

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