Office Reception Renovation Guide

Divo Interiors Guide to Renovating your Office Reception Area

First impressions count, when a new client or recruit walks in to your office building then the first place that they see is the reception area. How your reception area is designed and presented is your first chance to make a lasting and positive impression. A visitor will make assumptions and formed opinions based on the layout and feel of your presentation.

The reception conveys your company ethos and values

Recently at Divo Interiors, we’ve concentrated on delivering a wow factor in the reception areas of our key clients to ensure that their business values are transpired through the office renovation. If the front of house isn’t delivering the right message then there is little point doing the rest. Start as you mean to go on.

Begin by choosing the message you want to convey. For most companies, the message will tie in with their brand. Whatever your business values, whether that be inspiration, quirkiness or formal profession office design the tone needs to be set correctly from the beginning.

For example, if you’ve branded your company as modern, engaging and vibrant, the main plan of your reception area might be to inspire every person who walks in to your reception. Alternatively, if the it’s crucial for your business to offer is a feeling of expertise and professionalism, the main focus of the reception area might be to inspire feelings of trustworthiness, efficiency, and competency.

The reception area design helps with employee attitude

Your team members will arrive in the office in a variety of moods for a variety of reasons. You want to inspire the right mindset for your employees when they arrive in your building on a rainy Monday morning or a sunny Friday, your business needs motivated team members to be efficient. An employee would rather turn up in a welcoming, bright, and well-designed area than a dark, messy or dated environment. If you inspire your focus on your employees, then they will inspire than on to your clients and partners and ultimately improve your reputation and spread word of mouth about how your business is living up to its values.

In the modern employment market, it’s harder and harder to keep hold of the best staff. Staff no longer only want a good salary, it’s been indicated through research that staff value an inclusive, welcoming and inspiring environment just as much.

Making the most of your reception area

Never overlook the fact that investing in high people traffic areas such as the reception area will give you a great return on your office design budget. A lasting high specification reception desk and sustainable flooring not only brings out the wow factor in your business, but also ensures that your reception area doesn’t quickly fall into a state of disrepair.

Here is Divo Interiors guide for getting the most out of your reception area:


There are many things to consider when designing your reception area. As much as you’ll have the perfect reception in your mind’s eye, realistically delivering that means making the best use out of the space that you have.

Not all businesses have huge budgets for office fit-out and office refurbishment. Think about what you want to make deliver in your reception area before thinking about office furniture, desks and anything that takes away space. Modern reception areas are used not just for first impressions but as a place for staff to congregate, meet and interact.

Colour Scheme

The colours that you use in your business reception area should be welcoming, warm and inviting. You want visitors to feel comfortable and relaxed as they enter your promises. If your business brand colours are a little sharper and harsher consider using them as accents rather than the main feature. You can do this by adding cushions and table accessories.


The harsh florescent lights of 1970s office buildings are not what central London companies want to be impressing on people as they enter your reception area. Lighting is a crucial factor in your office renovation and what that you’d overlook at your peril. Divo Interiors experts will help your get lighting that compliments your design and sends the message that you want to send. Whether that’s a well places lamp, spotlighting or coloured lighting we will guide you to get the lighting that compliments your office design best,

How Divo Interiors can help

If you’re considering revamping your reception area then Divo Interiors can help. Whether it’s the front desk, furniture for when people are waiting or the right materials for your guest bathrooms then consult with Divo Interiors today and we will offer an experienced and personal commercial refurbishment London service that will deliver the area that you want to deliver.

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