How to design Modern Workplace For Millennials And Generation Z

Business trends are changing, and so is the workforce that is influencing these changes. About 50% of the current workforce in the UK region amounts to millennials and GenZ. These future leaders of our economy have completely distinctive ways of doing everything, from their work to entertainment. 

So is the case with their office designs. Unlike older generations who liked to work in cubicles, young forces prefer working in office environments that are flexible, attractive, and make greater use of technology. That is why DIVOI interior fit out contractors London are innovating beautiful office designs that blend fun with productivity. 

What Millenials and GenZ Look for in an Office?

There is no doubt that young generations are smart and want everything around them smarter. Here are a few elements that the current lot of workforce expect from their employers:

Modular Designs

Modular designed offices are something that the modern generation craves and expects from their office. Stylish furniture items that can be transformed from private desks to shared workstations effortlessly. 

Sliding walls and elegant furniture that can match the vibe of employees whilst working. In simple terms, modular office design means having equipment in your office that can be repurposed in multiple ways. 

Purpose Specific Rooms

Young workforces are more focused on getting the work done seamlessly. They look for pragmatic solutions for each problem. That is why having purpose-specific rooms in your office is something a modern-day employee would appreciate. Create separate rooms for meetings, one to one talk, fun activities, etc.  

Aesthetically Pleasing Interiors

No one likes to work in a dull environment, especially youngsters. They want a place that is eventful, happening, and where positivity generates from every corner of the space. Make sure the office you design looks aesthetically beautiful. You can add room decors, organic elements, and creative office fit outs that can escalate the productiveness of the employees.

Integrated Technology

Millennials and GenZ are the generations who have not only seen but lived through the rise of technological inventions. Their love for technology is immense. Hence, ensure that your office space must be filled with numerous LED and technological equipment that can be leveraged by these young employees. 


Millennials and Gen Z believe in having a balanced work-life that is easier to manage and enjoy. They wish to feel relaxed and have a sense of belongingness to the place. So watch out for small office fit out London like DIVOI that have the experience in transforming your place for efficiency and enticement.