How a Suspended Ceiling Can Benefit Your Office Environment

It might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to your office – desk space looking good, drinks fridge in the corner, some plants to give it a homely feel; but what about the ceiling?

Here at Divo, ceilings are always on our mind and as a contractor whose bread and butter is interiors, ceilings are often our starting point for any commercial refurbishment.

When it comes to a perfect addition for your office or commercial refurbishment, a suspended ceiling provided by a team who pride themselves on a fast turnaround alongside quality workmanship is just the ticket!

But what is a suspended ceiling you ask? When in our latest Divo Interiors, we explain exactly that and the benefits one can bring to your office environment!

What is a Suspended Ceiling?

A suspended ceiling is more often than not a secondary ceiling or in some cases a dropped ceiling, which is hung below the main structure in a room.

We can also provide high-level ceilings and grid systems that can add overall value to your office in the event of your business moving on to pastures new!

The Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling

Suspended Ceilings are fantastic for hiding the elements of an office that aren’t particularly appealing to the eye!

Any pipework, electrical cabling or any other features of the foundations of your office building can be hidden by a suspended ceiling, ensuring any unsightly features of your office are out of sight and out of mind – your customers will be none the wiser!

A suspended ceiling can also do wonders for enhancing natural light that hits your office, adding freshness and a feel-good factor to your office that may previously not have had!

The enhancement of natural light also means you’ll be using less power – not only good for your office bills but good for the planet too!

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