Glass Partitions for London Offices

The Benefits of a Glass Partition from Divo Interiors

When it comes to Glass partitions London, there’s nobody better than Divo Interiors! With over 25 years’ experience, we can cater to any all design needs, whether you’re looking to divide an open office or increase an office’s natural light.

Glass Partitions London are often used as part of a commercial office refurbishment but can also be beneficial if you’re looking for a minor change to your office as a glass partition offers change without the added hassle of rearranging your office layout, which has taken you years to perfect!

Also in a current and potentially, post COVID-19 world a glass partition could be a perfect solution to any social-distancing issues that may have arisen, particularly in a larger open office space.

So, in our latest blog, we aim to give you a rundown of the many benefits of a glass partition from Divo Interiors:

Natural Light = A Bright and Spacious Office!

Unlike a solid wall divider, glass partitions in London offer transparency. Which whilst giving a feeling of separation between different areas of your business, create a modern and fresh new design for your office.

Natural light is not only beneficial to your employees but also the environment, reducing your use of electricity – good the planet and for your workforce, it’s a win-win!

Encourage Creativity

A glass partitions may be a very simple solution but you’d be amazed at how that added bit of natural light can boost your office’s mood and overall creativity!

That’s what feedback from our customers in and around London tells us. We think the aim of any office, no matter what sector, should aim to encourage creativity.

So, if a simple fix like a glass partition can help, it’s an easy answer when considering whether to add one or more to your office space.

Source, Supply and Fit

With over 25 years of experience, Divo Interiors will see your glass partitions London through from start to finish.

From assessing your current office space, we can offer an unparalleled level of advice on how to best utilise a partition.

What sets us apart is that everything is handled by us. We source, supply and fit your choice of product meaning there is no outside interference and one direct source of contact.

No stress, no hassle, it’s a simple choice when who to choose for your interior fit out contractors london. Call Divo Interiors on 020 8166 8943 or visit our site here.