8 Office Fit Out Ideas to Improve Work Culture

Most often the factors that influence company culture are intangible. However, one tangible factor is office fit out and design. The design, aesthetics and functionality of a workspace tell a lot about the work culture. Great culture thrives when the office designs offer an engaging and healthy space for its people. A well-planned office fit out can not only reflect the work culture but also let people live and imbibe the culture through it. In this article, we will understand the link between office fit outs companies cultures. We will also discuss some of the fit out ideas to improve the work culture.

Consider an Open-Plan Layout

Do you want to promote openness and inclusivity in your workspace? An open-plan layout is one of the best ways to do that. If you cannot visualise the type of company you want to be when you look around, it should be down to the interior of the space.

Solid partitions can act as walls between your employees, both metaphorically and physically. This can lead to a lack of trust as well as communication among them. You don’t want to instate such a work culture, do you? Bringing down these walls helps the company culture to become more inclusive and open. It gives your teams more chances to work together and have open communications. Teamwork thrives in such kind of system and your work culture becomes one that inspires every individual to work collectively towards your business goals.

Instill Flexibility Through Multipurpose Offices

A company’s culture should always be flexible and this applies to the office space as well.

There is no doubt that your work culture should be clearly defined and easily translated. But it should never be immune to change. Every industry changes with time and so should your company and accordingly, the workspace.

Your workspace must provide you with the freedom and flexibility to accommodate a multi-purpose design and utilise areas in whatever way you wish.

Plan a Smart Storage

One cannot stress enough the importance of considering the storage options in an office space. Though most emerging business sectors are using less paper, it is difficult to avoid the heavy use of paper for other long-standing sectors such as legal, construction and financial.

So it becomes critical to organise this volume of paper and its flow throughout an office. Including a high-density storage solution in your fit out plan will allow you to store the documents and files in an organised manner with increased efficiency.

Go for a Unique Design

It is needless to say that your company’s personality is like no other. All the individuals in it have their own style and tastes and thus, so does your company culture.

If you want your office design to reflect your company’s personality and improve the work culture, it is essential to find a design that is unique to your identity. You can look elsewhere for inspiration but copying them will not help you. Your office space must reflect your personality to inspire creativity and improve the work culture.

Look for an Industry-Specific Design

The industry that your business belongs to should be a determining factor when searching for ideas to design your office space.

Depending upon the sector, your business will require certain things that need to be factored into your office design. For instance, a construction office will need to consider the space for storage because of the considerable amount of paperwork involved. A marketing firm, on the other hand, will need a more dynamic and intuitive workspace to inspire creativity among the employees.

So, your office space should reflect the industry that your business belongs to, as it will help create a culture in your office that’s geared to reach the top of your industry.

Consider Including Recreational Areas

There’s a polarizing opinion about recreational areas in office spaces. Some believe that they improve the work culture and productivity, while others consider them to be just another distraction.

If you ask us, we believe that recreational spaces give your employees the freedom to be creative and also offer them an opportunity to build team relationships. So, recreational activities such as gaming facilities will help you create a culture where your team is happy playing together, which in turn will encourage them to be happy to work together as well.

Relaxation Spaces Are an Option

The importance of relaxation spaces in an office is pretty underrated. It is important to understand that your work culture should provide a balance between work and relaxation.

It might seem surprising, but relaxation spaces can actually increase productivity. So giving your employees a space to relax at the office will make their working day more enjoyable. This will have a direct impact on their productivity as well.

Consider Implementing Acoustic Seating 

While it is important to encourage communication among your employees, it is equally important to eliminate unnecessary distractions in the workplace.

Implementing acoustic furniture can help isolate certain areas of your office in terms of sound or noise. It helps the employees from getting distracted by other things going on in the office.

For instance, isolating recreational areas with the help of acoustic furniture will block all the noises from coming out. Acoustic furniture is particularly helpful to promote a more focused culture in your workspace if you implement an open-plan design.


We understood through this article how a well-thought fit out can improve your company’s work culture. So hiring an office fit out contractors that can understand your vision of your work culture and take your office design to the next level is crucial. We at Divo Interiors can certainly help you with that. With more than two decades of industry experience, we ensure the best quality office fit outs and refurbishment in London. Through effective communication, we see to it that there are ‘no surprises. We also allocate a dedicated project manager, which helps you have a single point of contact.

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