About Us

At Divo Interiors, we believe in offering our clients an excellent level of service, regardless of the job size for which they hire us. We are experts in Office Refurbishment London as well as fit outs and have completed countless projects for our clients, from a simple paint job to complex refurbishments.

A key aspect many of our clients wonder about is our ability to stick to a budget. We are happy to say that we always follow our agreements from all points of view – the final design you prefer, the budget that you have at your disposal and the final deadline of the project. We must have a conversation first so that we can establish basic facts about our collaboration.

Our Partners

,We prefer to consider our clients as our partners, which is why we treat this entire relationship as a partnership. We will provide any information you need about the services we provide, how we will complete the project you need us to and how long it will take us. There is no need to talk to multiple individuals along the way.

The reason would be the fact that we always appoint a project manager that will be your point of contact – the professional that you can ask to give along any information you need us to know, that can answer your questions regarding specific tasks and can even let you know all about the progress of our team. What you must know about us is that we are a family owned business, which means that we always work together to provide the best results to our clients.

At the same time, our experience is of more than 25 years in this field and more specific in design, fit outs and refurbishments. We understand what you ask of us and know just how to deliver the outcome that you are expecting due to the many projects that we have managed to carry out from start to finish. Our previous clients will be more than happy to speak for us.

In fact, we could say that our success is determined by the relationships that we have managed to build with the various businesses that we have helped complete personalised projects. This is what we do. We talk about your needs from a space, design and decoration point of view, put it all in the initial sketches and after final alterations, turn it all into your new reality – your new place of business.

What Makes Divo Interiors Different?

We truly believe that the best acknowledgement of our success can be found in the strong relations we have formed over the years with our clients. Repeat business forms the growing majority of our business and we take great pride in the fact that they continue to choose us for their Fit Outs & Refurbishments works.

  • Over 25 years’ experience in the design, fit out & refurbishment.
  • Family Owned Business.
  • References available from a wide range of customers.
  • Dedicated Project Management, one contact, saving time and money.
  • Financial stability, gained through organic growth.
  • Outstanding customer service. This is what our clients say.
  • Ensure ‘no surprises’ through effective communication.
  • Sound reputation in refurbishment projects.

Reach Us

79 College Rd,
Harrow, HA1 1BD